What I done yesterday

Hi today I will tell you what I done yesterday so me and my sister were playing Monopoly that is my favourite board game after that we walk round to the shop and got some goodies and then went to the park I had fun we done a obstacle course so Hannah made a course […]

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What I done yesterday

Hi yesterday I was sorting through toys and books and was selling stuff I sold 35 books and a doll chair and horse and made £30 and after that at half 9 i got a McDonald’s I got chips 🍟 chicken nuggets and a Fanta it was really nice 👍 I love my bedroom now […]

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My new school

Hi there, I can’t wait till I go back to school well normally I wouldn’t it’s because I am going into high school my school is called Lurgan Junior High School or LJHS for short. A few of my friends for primary school are going to my new school as well. I have got all […]

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My dog

Hi I love animals and my favourite is dogs. I have one dog and he is called. Charlie and he is a border terrier. Charlie is seven years old and his favourite things to do is play with plastic bottles yes that is weird he also loves playing football or (soccer if your American). Charlie […]

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Hello 👋

Hi my name is Rebecca I am 11 years old and live in Northern Ireland with my mummy, daddy, brother, sister and our dog. You might know my mummy and daddy they are called Fionnuala and Stephen and have a blog called Fractured Faith that I sometimes blogged on. Now I’m going to high school […]

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